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I get lots of requests from people to help them with their projects.  Some are extremely good and some are ....well...not quite as good.  I try to be kind but honest when I analyze someone's hard work.

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 If I think it has a chance I tell them.  If it's really too strange I tell them that, too.  It's only my opinion so don't get mad at me!

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So far this year I've taken on several exciting projects I thought were worth pursuing.  Working with clients' original ideas and suggestions, I designed characters and helped develop the story line in the direction they wanted.

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Some are for TV and others for books.  I also do
live action screenplays (CLICK HERE to see some samples).

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I've been doing this for a long time so I'm not free...
but ... I'm reasonable!  If you have an idea you
want to talk about or some characters to develop,
drop me an email at dalehale@aol.com
or call me at
310-454-6067---and we'll talk.

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